How to Make a Simple and Inexpensive Black & White Photo Wall


Recently, I decided a small section of wall in my home needed some sprucing up. I love the look of black & white photos and find them to be impactful. One thing I don’t love is the price tag. I took a peek at a favorite online retailer. I found the price for four framed pictures to be around $50.00. I knew that I could do it myself and do it for less. I also knew that by doing it myself, it would be more personal.

I prefer candid photos for black & white but you can use whatever you like.  I  took the pictures with my iPad because of the filters available for black & white photos.

Here are a couple of the photos I used for my project. All I had to do was take my original photo and use the edit feature to turn the photo black & white.




I found the best look was to use a black photo frame one size up from the photo size (5×7 for 4×6, 11×13 for 8×10 etc).  Then use a white mat to highlight the photo.  Black & White provides you with a simple, clean look so make sure you keep your frames simple and clean as well.

I sometimes print my photos but more often than not, I use Walgreen’s.  You can do everything online and then choose store pick up.  Here’s my frugal photo tip.  Several times a year (usually around a holiday) Walgreen’s offers a FREE 8×10. I always take advantage of this offer even if I end up saving the photo for a future project.  The regular price for an 8×10 print at Walgreen’s is $3.99.  It’s not as easy to score a freebie on the 4×6 size although I have done it in the past.  More often, you will find 30% – 40% off of this size.  The regular price for a 4×6 print at Walgreen’s ranges from .12 – .29. The price depends on the quantity ordered and delivery method.  At these prices, I find that it’s more economical to let Walgreen’s do the work.


You can pick up photo frames at a discount department store or home store for $2.00-$3.00.  Keep an eye out for clearance frames and you can cut this cost in half.  The Mats will cost $1.00 – $1.50.  I put together a four photo wall for under $15.00. Something similar at a favorite online retailer would cost in the neighborhood of $50.00.  I think I’ll take the extra $35.00 and throw it in my savings account or maybe use it to finance my next project.

Now that you know how to  put together a black & white photo wall, give it a try. You’ll be one step closer to living the Simple Life you desire.








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