5 Easy Ways to Save Time and Money on Meals

5 Easy Ways to Save Time and Money on Meals


Meal Plan

Pick a day each week and sit down to plan your meals. Plan for all meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. Use a combination of pantry items already on hand and items that are on sale.  You will find that you’ll spend less money if you already know what you’ll be preparing for the week.

Prepare Your Lunch the Night Before

Mornings in many households can be action packed and at times rushed. If you have packed lunch the night before it’s just grab and go. If you’re running late in the morning, it’s more likely that you’ll skip the lunch prep and grab some unplanned takeout. Continue reading 5 Easy Ways to Save Time and Money on Meals

What Does Being Frugal Mean to Me


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Being frugal means a lot of things to a lot of people. My grandmother sometimes kept the coffee grounds when she made a pot of coffee to use a second time because “they’re still good”. My parents have purchased three living room sets in their 48 year marriage. They spent a pretty good amount of money on those sets, but when you spread the cost out over the life of the furniture (averaging about 20 years per set), they have spent far less over the years then if they had gone the less expensive route. Two very different examples of being frugal.

So what’s the difference between being frugal and being cheap?

Being cheap is the “quick fix”. It means always looking at cost and never considering value.

For me living a frugal life means not being wasteful. Live the life that you want but do it efficiently and without waste. Being frugal is getting the most out of your money. Essentially, it’s finding the value. Being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap, it means being smart and informed.

What else does being frugal look like?

Being frugal looks like different things to different people.  To decide what “your frugal” looks like you first need to decide the goals for your life.  Do you want to be a stay at home mom and live on one income? Do you want to retire at 50? Do you just want to live a simpler life? Once you decide the life you want to live, you would take a peek at how you are currently living and identify the waste.

Being Simply Frugal will give you an insiders view of living a frugal lifestyle through tips and tricks and real life stories.