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A Simple How To That Will Pay Off Your Loan Quicker

A Simple How To That Will Pay Off Your Loan Quicker


If you get paid on a bi-weekly basis (every two weeks) I’m sure you’ve planned your budget around two paychecks each month.  There are actually two months during the year when you will receive three paychecks.  It’s like having a paycheck not earmarked for anything. In our Simply Frugal Life, every dollar has its place.  Here is a suggestion that will allow you to pay off your car loan several months early.  You’ll be making extra payments that won’t seem like extra payments.

Let’s assume that you have a $15,000 car loan.  The rate is 3.9% and the term is 48 months. That would give you a monthly payment of about $340.00. When planning your budget, put aside $170.00 from each paycheck towards your car payment. Let’s assume that you make a $170.00 payment every two weeks.  When you first start doing this, make sure that your second of the two payments is before the due date of your monthly payment.  This will ensure that your payment is on time each month.  It will also avoid unnecessary late fees and interest accrual. Continue making your $170.00 payment every two weeks.  At the end of the year, you have made an extra full monthly payment. All without making any other adjustments to your monthly budget.  So, what does this mean? You will pay off your loan in 44 months instead of 48 months and save yourself $116.00 in interest.

We’ve found a quick and easy way to pay off your car loan early without making any adjustments to your budget. Now, let’s take a look at the biggest mistakes people make when taking out a car loan. Continue reading A Simple How To That Will Pay Off Your Loan Quicker